About Estes 

At Estes Aviation, LLC our philosophy is simple. We treat our clients in a courteous and honest manner.
We know that buying or selling an airplane isn't always the easiest task, but we can make it an 
enjoyable experience for you. Whether buying or selling, managing your aircraft, or setting up a flight 
department, you can rely on us for an honest assessment of your needs.

A Family Affair

To us, aviation is more than a business. Gary Estes, principal of Estes Aviation, grew up in an 
aviation family. His father, Lee, was a respected AI and later a corporate pilot who flew Lears and 
Westwinds. Gary grew up helping to maintain aircraft and building engines. Starting as a mechanic, he 
gained his ratings and progressed to corporate flying and then to Eastern Airlines, where he was a DC9 
FO until Eastern's demise in the early 90s. 

After buying and selling a few airplanes for personal use, Gary decided to pursue selling solid, quality aircraft as a business. He knew first hand the distaste of spending so much time and money on travel and pre-buy inspections, only to find the airplanes had been grossly misrepresented. So, he formed Estes Aviation with a commitment to buyers—to provide them with honest, factual descriptions and information.

Cessna 182s

Specializing in Cessna 182s, high-performance singles and pressurized piston twins, Estes Aviation provides its customers the best aircraft available at competitive prices. In addition to the sales of great used aircraft, Estes is the exclusive dealer for Charlie Echo, LLC, a company specializing in extensively refurbished Cessna 182s that are comparable to new aircraft at a fraction of the price.

Most of the airplanes sold are owned by Estes Aviation outright; however, we broker a few, select aircraft that we have personally inspected. If you're looking for a Cessna 182, or if you have other aviation pursuits, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Estes Aviation LLC