Aircraft Summary
ID:  N659BP
Year: 1975 
Manufacturer: Cessna 
Model: 182
Location: Vicksburg, MS
Registration: USA

Detailed Information

This 1975 182P is a beautiful example of our refurbished, or custom, airplanes. Starting with a low time, straight airframe, we completely strip the interior of the upholstery, carpet and headliner. We then remove the insulation and thoroughly clean the sheet metal from firewall to baggage. The exposed aluminum is primed (as it should be at the factory), the floor boards are taken one step further by finishing the coating to further resist the effects of spilled drinks and ground in dirt. Before the interior is fitted, thick closed cell foam is installed throughout the cabin area. This foam is much more superior to the original fiberglass in terms of insulation and sound absorption. Normally the cabin heat, flexible ducts are replaced at this time, also. Our seats and side panels are then custom upholstered in a soft leather, while the carpet is replaced with a wool or nylon blend. The instrument panel gets our full attention with all or most of the instruments removed for overhaul and reface. New panel covers are installed or we have a new,  flat metal panel installed. The choice of avionics is up to you, although we usually provide a Garmin stack with a 430 or 530 and a Stec autopilot. If Glass is desired, we have installed Aspen PFDs and can get the increasingly popular, G500. 659BP has a Garmin 530W, 340 audio panel and a Garmin 327 transponder. The number two navcom is a Michael 1700, a new Stec 50 autopilot with GPS steering. This was added for excellent IFR capability. PTT's are standard on both yokes, as well as a 4 person intercom. Usually, power and the antenae is routed to the yoke from the panel for a handheld GPS or we can make room in the panel for a docked unit.  Rosen visors are also added for better visibility control in 659BP.

Of course, the area firewall forward gets a lot of attention. Once the engine is removed, we also remove the engine mount and refinish it after an inspection  for any cracks or corrosion. When we reinstall it, we use new hardware. The firewall itself gets a thorough cleaning and any cables, wiring or hoses, that show significant wear, are replaced. The engine is sent to an overhaul facility for a new limits overhaul. We offer choices of new cylinder assemblies or remanufactured steel, nickel or chrome cylinders. All of the accessories are overhauled and we can offer upgrades to light wt high torque starters or Plane Power alternators. The prop is removed and if it is over 500 SPOH or 6 years, it is sent to a prop shop. All baffling is repaired or replaced and repainted to match the engine mount. All silicone baffling material is replaced if needed. The exhaust system is inspected for wear, or cracks, and repaired, or replaced, as needed. The engine is reinstalled with new Lord mounts, of course.

The airframe also gets it share of attention. We identify any discrepancies and repair them before the airplane leaves for the paint shop. We pay special attention to the nose gear strut and steering mechanism, as well as the brake system and main gear. If the fuel bladders are older than 12-14 yrs, we will replace them with new fuel cells. All glass is carefully inspected and if the original is worn and scratched it is normally replaced. Once the annual is complete and all squawks are repaired, the airplane goes to the paint shop for a real transformation. It is professionally chemically stripped, then the surface of the airplane is carefully inspected for blemishes. Once these issues are addressed, the plane is etched, Alodined , primed, then painted with polyurethane in a modern, 3-4 color scheme. The rubber step treads on the gear legs are replaced after painting.

We offer almost any options for our airplanes. Some of the more popular are the BAS shoulder harnesses, Nulite instrument lighting, panel docks for the portable GPS, and standby emergency alternators, both engine driven and wind driven. Speed mods, or STOL kits, and Vgs are also available.

As you can tell, we go to great lengths to ensure these airplanes are as "like new" as possible. It is my intent to give my customers a great airplane and I will put every effort in providing the quality you deserve, in doing so.

Give me a call or drop me an email to discuss the plane YOU want. We want to give you the airplane you have dreamed about.
Please take a look at the before pictures below and the after pictures to the right. What a gorgeous paint job!